BAMMA 29 gets the Safe MMA Plus ‘Gold’ stamp

BAMMA has achieved Safe MMA Plus clearance for all its competitors ahead of tonight’s BAMMA 29 at the Genting Arena in Birmingham, as the promotion is broadcast for the first time live on Dave in the UK.

The Safe MMA Plus standard requires competitors to undergo MRI/ MRA scans of the brain and neck and specialist eye tests, as well the standard level physical examinations and blood tests.

See below for the full list of Safe MMA Plus competitors approved BAMMA 29:

Aaron Blackwell
Aaron Chalmers
Brett McDermott
Cameron Hardy
Cian Cowley
Dan Cassell
Daniel Crawford
Daniel Olejniczak
Daniel Rutkowski
David Khalsa
Greg Jenkins
Jai Herbert
Łukasz Świrydowicz
Maciej Sosnowski
Mario Saeed
Matt Hallam
Mick Stanton
Mike D’Aguiar
Mindaugas Gerve
Nathius Frederick
Pelu Adetola
Rick Selvarajah
Ronnie Mann
Ruben Wolf
Sam Halliday
Shay Walsh
Terry Brazier
Tim Barnett
Walter Gahadza
Yannick Bahati

For more information about BAMMA go to:

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