Cage Warriors 84 continues to work to the flagship standard

Competitors for Cage Warriors 84 have been medically pre-cleared by Safe MMA for tonight’s show at the Indigo at the O2 in London, as Cage Warriors continues to work to the flagship safety standard.

It was confirmed this afternoon that further to the basic annual medical examination and blood test requirements, all of the below listed fighters have successfully passed dilated pupil eye tests and MRI/MRA brain scans to the SafeMMA Plus standard.

Alexander Jacobsen
Brad Wheeler
Bryan Creighton
Craig White
Darren O’Gorman
Håkon Foss
Iurie Bejenari
James Webb
Kenneth Bergh
Marko Kovacevic
Matt Inman
Miro Jurkovic
Nathaniel Wood
Norman Paraisy
Phil Wells
Sam Creasey
Sean Carter
Stephen O’Keeffe
Thomas Robertsen
Tom Green

For more information about Cage Warriors go to:

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