BAMMA 30 fighters all cleared to the SafeMMA Plus standard

All 28 professional fighters competing at BAMMA 30 have been medically cleared to the SafeMMA Plus standard.

BAMMA 30 takes place at the 3 Arena in Dublin tonight, 7 July 2017, commissioned by the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association and working with Safe MMA Ireland and medical provider Code Blue Medical.

See below for the full list of Safe MMA Plus competitors showcasing on BAMMA 30.

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Aaron Kennedy
Alan Philpott
Arann Maguire
Ben Forsyth
Blaine O’Driscoll
Chris Stringer
Daniel Barez
Daniel Olejniczak
Declan Dalton
Dylan Logan
Fabian Edwards
Harry Hardwick
Henry Fadipe
Ion Pascu
Kiefer Crosbie
Maciej Gierszewski
Matt Clempner
Mick Brennan
Niklas Stolze
Paul Redmond
Rhys McKee
Richard Kiely
Richie Smullen
Rob Sinclair
Ryan Curtis
Shay Walsh
Steve Owens
Waldemar Cichy

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