Cage Legacy 4 Amateurs & Pro’s Hit the Highest Safety Standard

All professionals and amateurs competing at yesterday’s Cage Legacy 4 in Drogheda, Ireland achieved the Safe MMA mark to the highest standard.

As well as providing in-date medical examination and blood test documentation, all competitors had undergone brain MRIs and MRAs, with the professionals also completing dilated pupil eye tests.

See below for the complete list of Safe MMA competitors showcased at Cage Legacy 4 on 29 October 2017:

Adam Caffrey
Dylan Logan
Haci Firat Dogan
Ivan Zidar
Jeanderson Castro
Pedro Carvalho

Aaron Reilly​
Adam Nowak
Adam Ryan
Adham Shabah
Alexander O’Sullivan
Brandon Myers
Carl McCann
Colin Murphy
Dee Begley
Dylan O’Donovan
Eoghan Chelmiah
Jack Monahan
Jena Karam
Joel Zanga
Keith Deane
Leon Hill
Mikey Byrne
Modestas Ukaitis
Nate Enright
Nauris Bartoska
Patrick Lehane
Paul Nolan
Ronan Tomnay
Roy Noonan
Sean McConnell
Stephen Treacy
Tyrone Quinn
Wahab Zadeh

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